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SNAPSHOTS: current and emerging postgraduate research into learning environments

June 5, 2014 @ 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

An international symposium for research higher degree students

St Peter’s College, Cranbourne, image courtesy of Hayball

This symposium provides opportunity for post-graduate researchers to share their latest thinking and research on the design, use, and evaluation of new generation learning environments. It is an event that celebrates emerging research and researchers. Hosted by the University of Melbourne’s Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEaRN), and organized by the Evaluating 21st Century Learning Environments 2014-2016 ARC Linkage project team, Snapshots will showcase the fresh ideas and innovative strategies that early career researchers are bringing to this topic.

The event

Situated in the Melbourne Graduate School of Education, Snapshots will present 10 minute papers in short batches across one day of presentations. There will be no concurrent sessions – all participants will enjoy all papers. Innovative presentation methods are encouraged and considerable time will be allocated to discussion.

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Session Videos

SNAPSHOT Session 1:

Host: Dr Wes Imms
Interlocutor: A/Prof Kenn Fisher

  • Mark Osborne, Auckland
    ‘Leading through crisis and change in schools’
  • Chris Bradbeer, Auckland
    ‘Collaboration, co-habitation and co-construction: Exploring
    multiple alignments of collaborative teacher practice within
    Modern Learning Environments’

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/fe5Klwv


SNAPSHOT Session 2:

Host: Dr Wes Imms
Interlocutor: A/Prof Kenn Fisher

  • Cheryl Jakab, Melbourne
    ‘Creating spaces for young learners being learners’
  • David Clarke, Canberra
    ‘Architects as agents for cultural change in schools
  • Lindy Osborne, Brisbane
    ‘Future learning landscapes for Architectural Education

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/ege9JNW


SNAPSHOT Session 3:

Host: Dr Ben Cleveland
Interlocutor: Prof Peter Jamieson

  • Terry Byers, Brisbane
    ‘Measuring the empirical effect of learning spaces on teaching
    and learning through a quasi-experimental approach: An
    alternative to a traditional post-occupancy evaluation’
  • Ana Sala-Oviedo, Adelaide
    ‘The use and development of the Learning Environments
    Analysis Tool (LEAT)’
  • Graeme Oliver, Melbourne
    ‘Evaluating 21st Century learning environments: Connecting
    pedagogy and learning to post occupancy evaluation’

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/eikTg2k


SNAPSHOT Session 4:

Host: Dr Ben Cleveland
Interlocutor: Prof Peter Jamieson

  • Leanne Rose–Munro, Melbourne
    ‘The interrelationships between pedagogy, New Generation
    Learning Spaces, technology and the inclusion of students
    with hearing difficulties’
  • Jo Dane, Melbourne
    ‘The effective teaching and learning spatial framework’

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/cM2ul0k


SNAPSHOT Session 5:

Host: Dr Wes Imms
Interlocutor: A/Prof Clare Newton

  • Philippa Soccio, Melbourne
    ‘The EDUTOOL:IEQ – a new post occupancy evaluation tool
    for communicating to design professionals information about
    the indoor environment quality of classrooms’
  • Faramarz Hassan Pour, Melbourne
    ‘Design of learning spaces for higher education in Iran: From
    the Qajar Period to the present time’

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/6B6JC33


SNAPSHOT Session 6:

Host: Dr Ben Cleveland
Interlocutor: A/Prof Kenn Fisher

Interlude: ‘What constitutes ‘good’ research in learning environments?’ – Prof Tom Kvan (Dean ABP)

  • Pamela Farrelly, Melbourne
    ‘Experiences of a secondary science learning environment
    from the student’s perspective’
  • Niamh Barry, Dublin
    ‘A case study on the impact of a simple, alternative
    learning space on teaching and learning methodologies
    in a second level school that is a pilot school for
    curriculum reform in Ireland’

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/goBq6aZ




June 5, 2014
8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Frank Tate Meeting Room
Level 9, 100 Leicester Street
Carlton, Victoria Australia
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