Terrains 2015

August 2015

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Terrains 2015 – Session Videos

Session One


1 – Welcome and introduction
Speakers: Professor Tom Kvan, Professor John Hattie, Dr Wesley Imms

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2zkWGkPv


2 – Engagement and personal curation in informal, interest driven learning environments
Speaker: Ben Shapiro, Vanderbilt University, USA

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2mQR8tqO


3 – A theoritical orientation for evaluating the geographies of New Generation Learning Environments
Speakers: Sarah Healy, Gina Grant, Ethel Villafranca, Pamela Yang, University of Melbourne

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/287ezgbC


4 – Session 1 – Discussion
Interlocutor: Associate Professor Clare Newton

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2uvBJWUo


Session Two

Measuring/Aligning Pedagogy and Space


1 – Is the interior design of your learning environment giving you a pedagogical edge?
Speaker:  Kellee Frith, Swinburne University

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2vLDblpV


2 – An empirical evaluation of the impact on teaching and learning practice of the transition from traditional to new generation learning spaces at the Anglican Church Grammar School
Speaker: Terry Byers, University of Melbourne, Queensland (???)

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2yG04NFT


3 – “Finished beginnings’: Finding space for time in collaborative teacher practice
Speaker: Chris Bradbeer, University of Melbourne, New Zealand (???)

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2i7yURX9


4 – Developing a framework for the evaluation of innovative education practices in innovative learning environments
Speaker: Graeme Oliver, University of Melbourne

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2srBhYfx


5 – Session 2 – Discussion
Interlocutor: Professor Peter Jamieson

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2y9kQZQM


Session Three

Policy and Transformation


1 – Children’s independent mobility and social capital in Catholic schools
Speaker:  Pat Love, University of Melbourne

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2twiz7me


2 – Mediating contemporary learning through spatial change: ‘library-as-experimental-space’
Speaker: Caroline Morrison, University of Melbourne

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/40k4VaTU


3 – Confusing messages: is the modern learning environment an example of idealized curricula or disruptive innovation
Speaker: Alastair Wells, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/41YgoXqg


4 – Session 3 – Discussion
Interlocutor: Dr Julia Atkin

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2vJjuyFK


Terrains 2015: Closing address

Speaker: Dr Wesley Imms

Link: http://www.metacdn.com/r/m/vfahnolm/2y3ZEfgv